Interesting new project called “Proved Possible”

7 February 2017

Mentors and Mentees may be interested in this new project:

“Proved Possible” is a new online database recording the experiences of people with disabilities or long term health conditions within education and the workplace.

The aim is to create a trustworthy online resource to be used by people with disabilities, their educators and their employers. By recording the real experiences of people with disabilities, Proved Possible hope to provide a resource which can prove to both employers and individuals that a wide variety of career choices are possible for people with disabilities.

It is a space for individuals to share their challenges and achievements, and to pass their experiences on to those with similar aspirations. Put simply, it answers the comment that we often hear: “I wish I had known this when I was starting out”.

Having or developing a disability often leads an individual to question what it is now possible for them to achieve, both academically and professionally, and so each submission to the online resource is a venture literally “proved possible”.

If you have a disability or long term health condition and have been, or currently are in, higher education or employment, we’d be delighted if you would consider contributing to the database. Participants are a diverse group of people covering many disabilities and many professions. Your submission can be as long or short as you like, and you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Once your submission is made, it will be on the database for other to look up and reflect on. You are not required to give any further input or respond to questions or queries from readers.
You can enter your experiences here:

Any questions can be emailed to: